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A photo of the front of the MOT test station at Just MOTs of Milton Keynes

MOTs in Milton Keynes

We offer honest and unbiased class 4 MOT services (Passenger Vehicles & light commercial vans to 3000Kgs UW) by appointment to all of Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.

Just MOTs are the Only 'MOT Only' Testing Company In Milton Keynes

Just MOTs are unique in that we are the only 'MOT only' testing company in Milton Keynes.

With Just MOTs we guarantee that your vehicle will receive a fast, professional and honest test. We can't guarantee your vehicle will pass but it will only fail if something is actually a fail under the regulations. After all we have no hidden motive or reason to do anything else.

MOTs Are Cheap - Repairing Failures Costs You Money

It's a fact that it's not the MOT test fee that is expensive it's the repairing of 'failures' that costs you a fortune.

You have two choices when choosing somewhere to get an MOT for your vehicle...

  1. You can choose a 'normal' MOT station offering 'bargain' MOTs and trust that they do an honest assessment of your vehicle.
  2. You can use a local 'MOT Only' testing station that doesn't do repairs and therefore has nothing to gain from unfairly failing your vehicle.

Bargain MOTs May Not Be What They Seem...

If you consider the first choice, just ask yourself how it is that the 'cheap' MOT station can actually afford to do the MOT at the price they are asking. Everyone has to pay their bills and with the staff costs and overheads of running an MOT station being what they are it's impossible for anyone to make a profit doing MOTs at 20 quid a go or even 30 quid.

The answer is quite simple. They don't make anything on MOTs. What they make their money on is the failure repairs!

This puts a huge amount of 'pressure' on them to fail your vehicle so that they can make their money charging you for the repair. We're not saying that all MOT stations deliberately do this (there are many reports of those that do) but the pressure is undoubtedly there and with many areas of the test relying on the judgment of the test engineer to decide whether or not something border line passes or fails it's easy to see how bargain basement MOT stations will most likely veer towards the fail.

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